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5 Teeth Whitening Facts

We are teeth whitening experts, providing both in-clinic and at home professional whitening treatments.

Unfortunately lots of misleading information is spread online and there are some potentially harmful fake whitening products out there. Keep reading below to find out 5 facts you should know if you are interested in a brighter, whiter smile.

1) Your teeth have pores, just as your skin does.

Knowing this fact might help you to understand why teeth staining occurs in the first place, and why it becomes more noticeable with age. In the same way your skin absorbs substances, so do your teeth. Red wine, coffee, cigarette smoke and coca cola are all notorious for gradually staining your teeth overtime, by seeping in through those pores. After a certain point, brushing alone is no longer enough and the only way to remove the stain is via a professional teeth whitening procedure.

2) The safest way to whiten your teeth is to consult a qualified professional.

There are lots of unregulated DIY kits available online at very tempting prices, that promise to give you whiter teeth. These can contain harmful substances and end up doing you more harm than good. Our professional advice to you is to avoid the temptation and have the procedure done under the guidance of a professional.

We understand that some people, due to time restraints or individual circumstances, would rather whiten their teeth at home in their own time, which is why we offer our own take home kit. This can be acquired only after a professional consultation, where our experienced dentists can give you careful instructions and we can ensure that the equipment we give you is safe.

3) There is no scientific evidence to support natural teeth whitening methods, such as using coconut oil.

Home remedies can often be useful, but when it comes to whitening your teeth, we recommend you stick to professional treatment. There is an old wives tale you may have heard, claiming that rinsing your mouth with coconut oil will remove stains from your teeth. There is no evidence to show that this works as an effective long term treatment and it probably isn’t a very pleasant taste either!

Equally, rubbing citrus fruits on to your teeth, such as lemon juice, is not effective either and the acid could actually make your problems worse, by eating away at your enamel!

4) Sensitivity after teeth whitening treatment is normal and nothing to worry about.

It is completely normal for sensitivity to occur immediately after whitening. This is important to keep in mind to relieve anxiety after the procedure. As we have mentioned, as long as the whitening has been carried out under the supervision of a qualified professional, there is nothing to be concerned about. Sensitivity typically lasts for 12-36 hours after the treatment, depending on the patient.

5) Results can last up to 3 years.

Teeth whitening results can last up to 3 years, provided your teeth are maintained well on a day to day basis. This means brushing and flossing regularly, to avoid the build up of plaque and to keep good oral hygiene. Also, avoiding (or limiting) things such as smoking, drinking red wine etc, will also help to keep your teeth whiter for longer. As time goes on though, the procedure can be topped up when necessary, to keep your smile white and sparkling!

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